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please cut off my hand [Mar. 7th, 2014|12:38 pm]
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I was at the store, and found a deal on a replacement outlet for the bathroom which has been shorting out the breaker for about half a decade, and mom said sure! buy it!

I bring it home ask if we can install it, and dad says noo. it's still working. why do we have to replace it.

I brought up the constant irritation of breaker popping, and the fact we had to put the tv on the basement wall through a extension cord, and he huffs off.

I told my mom immediately he'll see this house fall to termites before he replaces it with the new one.

So TODAY. I fumbled acrossed it, and said. "I think i'm gonna cut the breaker off, and install this" which my mom said. oh, no you shouldn't.

Same thing goes with the trailer she bought us to relax in.
NOW! they have some high-scale quality issue with this 1976 nomad RV. I'm like. do you know how old it is? what was your goal in getting it? what were you thinking it would do? of course it has leaked, but It's called repairing things.. Making things better. remodeling. but you don't start by beating yourself up about it. I even checked it against the Craigslist ads all over, and the price was nice for something in that condition. My sister's 86 RV was worse, and it is 6 foot longer!

Can't something just give? do I need to Buy them some POT?
Do I have to grow it, and throw it in the BBQ so they get it?
Why won't they just be positive, and not make something as nice as having a trailer of our own a cumbersome thing?

Someday I'll just take a truck, and the rv, and all the food, and drive off into the desert, and hide out on the Oil pumper roads!

Why? Just to SPITE their BULLSHIT!