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So Complicated .. It infuriated me. - Hiroka's Magik Wonderland [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So Complicated .. It infuriated me. [Dec. 6th, 2013|11:43 pm]
My gma has been lost for more than 50yrs. she's not looking for us, and she probibaly doesn't even remember Popping a kid out.

The kid however; my dad. has always wondered what happened to her, and more importantly to meet her.

Drity gpa was a perv/peddo, and a Deviously demented Lier. so searching for her was a maze of fake facts, and wrong stories. He'd call his own mother a whore walking broadway. but the truth backed up by purchase receipts that she was cleaning hotels on that street. which is just sad, and mean. worthless horrible people my aunts, and gpa, and his wife are/were.

so we looked for help, and found a lead.

My sister was to msg her and ask, but Fb has a no-friend no direct msg policy without payment. it's horrid, but do-able.

My sister messaged the other folder just in case, but we had to get a pre-paid card to get it paid for. Then came the confusion.

She asked "what do you mean there's an Other Folder?"
Just there is one. grow up, and accept it.
"but it didn't say that, and I've never seen it"
FINE I'll screen capture it, and PM you with the pic and it circled!
"oh there it is!"(right as I'm capturing)

-Simpley who Gives a shit whether it exists or not. I need you take use this pre-paid card to send another msg!

"but it doesn't need one.. "

FUCK YOU SISTER!! Fuck you, and the stupid unimportant complications!!!

I'm still Flustered as I hear my mom talk endlessly about how gma was this or that about this or that that makes NOT a Fucking Hill a BEANS difference about this process.

Mandy You're FIRED!