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I wish they'd just canonize their children.. - Hiroka's Magik Wonderland [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I wish they'd just canonize their children.. [Nov. 21st, 2013|11:13 pm]
I felt this many times over my life, and wonder still why parents who don't give their children a chance to speak without yelling at them, don't just kill them, and get it done with.

The children in question is my nieces, and nefews. I get really pissed at my sisters for being self important, and not leaving even the bit of room for them to confide, and understand what their parents are at.

I feel it's worse than the way we were raised, and worse than the abuse physically when the only words you hear are STOP NO SHUTUP. I have no means to offer a place or a means to remove them from the situations even for just a moment. can't take them shopping, and can't let them enjoy life. it's only the ignorance that allows them some normalcy. I'll judge how I hear it, and see it, and None of my sisters do anything that isn't in the sight of others in the kindness of lowered voices or calm collective thought.

It's simple when I say I hate them for this reason. They never give more than an inkling of depth when it comes to understanding, and it's horrible, and irrational to just keep yelling.

I fear what those kids will do to escape it some day in the nearing future.