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For every happy there's a Price to pay [Nov. 25th, 2013|11:30 pm]
It's all been a shitty mess.

yeah, you may think this is just another rant, and it is, but to me it's more. It's about how I was depressed, and how it couldn't get any better when others helped me with happy thoughts kind hearts, and then I went to bed.

That was my only warning that my turkey day was going to be Nuclear hell!!

First, my wife wakes up way too early takes it apon herself to think we should get more lights for heating up the coup, and then she while she needed to get on the turkey she so adamantly said was hers to cook. she decided to take off. going to buy more heat bulbs, and fixtures. I wasn't sure of why she even left, and it mattered about as much as her buying things we didn't need during what should be our chance to save money for when we have to move out, or even for that Brand new car she wants..

I find my mom has woke, and she noticed she was leaving, and there's where the start was.

Why is she leaving she, and I have a turkey to cook, and why isn't she remembering to take her phone.

a fight insued about how I'

And then we find out my mom hadn't had her Coffee.. What a Stupid Excuse.. I never am allowed to have a bad day when they come knocking, and I didn't come knocking.